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Ground Venture is a market intelligence and AI consultancy that helps organisations unleash the power of data.

Elevated consulting

Fusing human expertise with Advanced AI Models to Amplify Business and Market Intelligence

We craft actionable reports, develop market intelligence tools, and can strengthen in-house AI capabilities through transformation consulting and talent sourcing.

Make smarter Decisions with AI-Enhanced Insights

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Our market intelligence is tailored to private equity and consumer-focused businesses, encompassing three key areas: sector, consumer, and brand.

By leveraging human expertise combined with proprietary AI models and analysis of extensive data lakes, we provide jargon-free reports and actionable insights to assist investors in making smarter investments and enable consumer-focused businesses navigate their markets more effectively.

boost efficiencies, Business Intelligence, and performance  

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Our team of AI experts is uniquely positioned to provide strategic consultation, enabling your business to unlock the full potential of AI. We offer guidance on achieving optimal workflows and efficiencies, as well as advising on the technology stacks best tailored to your specific goals.

Additionally, we provide AI impact assessments for organisations. Taking a step further, we can develop custom AI models and data lakes intricately aligned with your business objectives, ensuring you gain a competitive edge.

Hire AI, machine learning, and data science Talent

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Ground Venture has frontier experience of the AI-based landscape. Our recruitment and consultancy teams work collaboratively in finding high-calibre researchers, quants and developers with knowledge of the modern AI and ML environment.

Our network is skilled in workflows and stacks, including Vector Databases, Prompt Engineering, Langchain, Open Source, OpenAI, ChatGPT, and their alternatives.

Vish Srivastava
Managing Partner

"Ground Venture are trusted advisors to our business. Their market intelligence insights, particularly from the SocietyAI tool, have given us a unique edge in understanding consumer behaviour and trends. It's an invaluable component of the wide toolkit we deploy to inform our investment decisions."

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You're in great company

Our people are trusted by a wide range of organisations, from global enterprises and startups to leading consumer brands, and private equity investors. Our experience spans multiple consumer categories.

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Market Intelligence models

Your blueprints for success

Gain valuable insights into market trends, consumer behaviour, competitor analysis, and company profiling at scale with Ground Venture's AI models, data pools, and research tools.

About AI Models

An AI model is a computational system that uses artificial intelligence techniques to process data, uncover patterns, and make intelligent predictions. We train our own AI models tailored to the unique requirements of the industries we serve.

Combining large and relevant datasets with our industry expertise, our team develops and fine-tunes AI models to effectively capture the complexities of the consumer landscape.


research market trends & analyse company performance

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CompanyAI is a free searchable data pool enriched with human analysis and research, highlighting the performance signals of consumer brands across a wealth of data points. The platform offers enterprise-level access to further category insights and deep dives into a company's trajectory and prospects, supporting investors and brands in making informed decisions.

understand and react to consumer behaviour

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What does Society say? Uncover consumer thoughts and actions with SocietyAI. Trained by real-world experts and specialising in hospitality and consumer brands, the model produces intelligence reports with detailed analysis of consumer behaviour, including multi-platform reviews analysis, NPS, sentiment, brand interest, sociodemographic profiles, and more.

artist intelligence for the music industry

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ResonanceAI combines social listening, online consumer behaviour analysis and Spotify streaming data with the lyrical and musical characteristics of an artist's music to deliver artist intelligence reports. A&R professionals, marketers, producers and other music industry experts are empowered to make strategic moves that resonate with target audiences, and achieve a wider reach.

discover value-led brands & consumer movements

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Ethical Venture is our market intelligence advisory dedicated to sustainable and ethical businesses. Our ESG and consumer brand experts employ the insights from our AI models to focus investors and management teams on sustainable trends in consumer categories, highlight the social and environmental issues that speak to consumers' concerns, and identify the value-driven brands that are thriving.

Introducing Hybrid Intelligence

the future of decision making is now

We harness the power of hybrid intelligence - the synthesis of human expertise and artificial intelligence - to deliver in-depth analysis of companies, competitors, consumer categories, and customer patterns.

More about our approach

AI is an additional tool in a consultant's toolkit, but it is not a replacement. We believe that the true value of AI models lies in their integration with human expertise. This synthesis allows us to generate insightful reports and provide advice to our clients at scale, without compromising on quality and accuracy.

While AI models enhance our analytical capabilities and enable us to handle extensive datasets, it is our skilled consultants who ultimately take responsibility for the insights and advice they deliver to our clients, channeling their own experiences and knowledge.

the Lens of Experience

Focussing on the insights that matter

AI models enhance our analytical capabilities and enable us to handle extensive datasets, yet it is our skilled consultants who ultimately take responsibility for the advice they deliver, channeling their own experiences and knowledge.

Our Mission

to empower decision-makers through better data and meaningful insights

Our goal is to regenerate the consulting landscape, making it accessible, affordable, adaptable, and scalable, transforming the way businesses make decisions. Through a culture of perpetual learning, we embrace technology, invest in research and tap into real-world expertise to pioneer innovation in market intelligence.  

Meet our Team

we're consultants, researchers, analysts and technologists with Tech, private equity and consumer backgrounds

Chief Transformation Officer

Dan is a tech and digital innovation expert with experience in business intelligence, ecommerce and product management. He has a strong track record of leading transformation projects.

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Before founding Ground Venture, Dan held the position of Global Head of Digital Operations at Transmission, where he drove product innovation, oversaw operations, managed tech systems, and ensured compliance. He has collaborated with innovative tech companies such as Veezu, Computer Rock, and exited a startup focused on custom web apps.

Dan also served as the General Manager for Europe at OpenFeint, a successful mobile social startup and drove digital innovation at Tech City UK.

Futhermore, Dan made significant contributions to the Also Nobel business by introducing digital and ecommerce solutions. In his early gaming industry experience, he led Orange Group to a prominent position in games revenue and contributed to the PlayStation launch. Dan is currently the editor of a renowned private equity and tech news webzine.

Chief Intelligence Officer

Following his early career in the music industry, Nick has worked for over a decade at Director and C-suite levels for PE-backed businesses, as well as advising private equity and consumer brands as a management consultant.

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As an advisor to private equity, Nick has pioneered research and analytics techniques to find off-market opportunities and enhance investment decisions. He has advised on over 20 transactions for mid-market PE, leading digital due diligence and mapping the trends and prospects in most consumer markets.

Nick has previously held the CEO position in a full-service marketing agency that advised leading consumer businesses globally. Additionally, he has successfully exited a sustainable fashion brand and is the co-founder of a category-leading consumer brand.

His expertise encompasses private equity, consumer businesses, digital, market intelligence, data science and analytics. Moreover, he has been leading innovations in AI over the past 12 months.

Strategy & ESG

Data Scientist

Cloud Architect

Project Manager

Data Engineer

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